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A selection of Regency biscuits


THE HIND'S HEAD - In recent years Heston Blumenthal, perhaps the world's most innovotive chef, has turned his attention to serving the very best of British dishes at this beautiful Tudor inn in Bray. Included on the menu are an increasing range of superb historical dishes. Ivan is now working with Heston and his team on the revival and development of spectacular English foods from our past for the Hind's Head and its sister restaurant, the Michelin three-star Fat Duck, recently voted 'the best restaurant in the world'.
PROSPECT BOOKS - Tom Jaine, publisher extraordinaire, took over Prospect Books from Alan Davidson. Tom also editsPetit Propos Culinaires, the distinguished food history journal. Extensive range of excellent culinary titles including many facsimiles.
APPLEBY ANTIQUES - Mike and Sue Witts stock a wide range of antique culinary moulds, including eighteenth century creamware and nineteenth century copper and pewter. Very friendly.
PANARY - Paul Merry, a gifted artisan baker and an old colleague of Ivan's, runs traditional wood-fired baking courses at an old mill in Dorset. Paul and Ivan ran courses together in the early 1990s on historic bakery. FAIRFAX HOUSE - A fine eighteenth century York town house. Director Peter Brown has worked with Ivan on some important food history exhibitions, including Eat, Drink and be Merry and The Pleasures of the Table. JANET CLARKE ANTIQUARIAN BOOKS Specialist in Gastronomy - Janet has been trading in this area longer than any other book dealer in Britain.She stocks books and related ephemera on Food, Cookery, History of the Table, Wine, Menus, Guides, Wine Lists, Advertising &c.

FOOD HISTORY NEWS - This impeccable and scholarly site has more useful links than any other website devoted to culinary history issues.

BLACK CAT BOOKS - if you are in the market for antiquarian cookery books and difficult to find works on food history, this is the site to visit.

HAREWOOD HOUSE - Harewood has one of the best sets of period kitchen offices in Europe. The servants' hall has recently been renovated and houses a fascinating exhibition on the domestic life of the house.
WILLIAM RUBEL - William's book, The Magic of Fire, has spearheaded the movement in the United States towards traditional cookery methods. He is currently researching a book on bread and baking His website is excellent and contains much useful information. COOKING FOR KINGS - The website of Ian Kelly, whose book and play Cooking for Kings - a biography of Carême, has recently received critical acclaim. Ian and Ivan worked together on Channel Four's documentary A Regency Feast. LA VARENNE - Anne Willan founded La Varenne, the famous French cooking school, in 1975 and directs its culinary programmes at the Château du Feÿ in Burgundy, France and at The Greenbrier in West Virginia. Ivan has recently installed an 18th century tournebroche (clockwork spit mechanism) at La Varenne.
COPIA - The American Centre for Wine, Food & the Arts is a cultural museum and educational centre dedicated to exploring the distinctively American contribution to the character of wine and food in close association with the arts and humanities.
HERDWICK MUTTON - Support the revival of mutton as a traditional British food. Andrew Sharp sells the finest in the land, superb Herdwick raised on the Cumbrian Fells. He also sells pink veal, close to the veal used in this country before the Industrial Revolution.

BOOKS AT STAR DOT NET - This is book dealer Bruce Tober's online shop. Bruce has a large cookery and food section, including some antiquarian material. He also publishes useful online features on some of the listed authors, including an informative review of the work of William Salmon.

CULINARY HISTORIANS OF NEW YORK - A lively and informative site, with excellent content and links to research resources. They organise regular monthly programmes and publish a useful newsletter. OXFORD SYMPOSIUM ON FOOD AND COOKERY - Website for annual conference on food history. It brings together those who specialize in the serious study of food in history, its place in contemporary societies, and related scientific developments.
THE BOWES MUSEUM - looks like a South Kensington-scale museum that has fallen out of the sky and landed in rural County Durham. Ivan has worked with ceramics curator Howard Coutts on two major food history exhibitions - The Tempting Table and Royal Sugar Sculpture.
CINDY RENFREW'S WEBSITE - A labour of love! This unique site has an extraordinary set of links to research resources, downloadable culinary texts and much more. Don't neglect to bookmark this one. FLETCHERS OF AUCHTERMUCHTY - John and Nichola Fletcher are Britain's leading experts on venison. They operate a mail order business supplying the finest venison in the land. OLDCOOK.COM - The website of L'association Maître Chiquart , devoted to utilizing the cookery of the medieval period as a source of ideas for contemporary gastronomy. An interesting site with an excellent links page and a competion for young food professionals..
EUROPEAN COOKING FROM ROME TO THE RENAISSANCE - The third session of the conference on European Cooking from Rome to the
Renaissance organised by Serve it Forth has now been scheduled. June 17-19, 2005 Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. For details follow this link.

ALL CULINARY SCHOOLS - All Culinary Schools is a complete online guide to culinary education and careers.

THE FOOD JOURNAL OF LEWIS AND CLARK - Culinary historian Mary Gunderson's website

EATFEED.COM - The thinking foodie's podcast! An excellent new podcast site from Anne Bramley, with contributions so far from such worthies as Michael Coe and Gilly Lehmann. Listen to Gilly and Ivan talk about Georgian food. Sandy Oliver of Food History News advises Anne on culinary history issues.

CUMBRIA ON A PLATE - gourmet tours of the beautiful English Lake District run by food writer and broadcaster Annette Gibbons. Why not combine an Historic Food course with one of Annette's gastronomic tours of our wonderful region.

EVE STONE ANTIQUES - this long established Connecticut antiques business stocks a remarkable range of fine period copper moulds and batterie de cuisine. If you are wanting to purchase old culinary copper of the very highest quality this is certainly the site to visit.

HEART TO HEARTH COOKERY - Pennsylvania-based food historian Susan McLellan Plaisted offers a range of excellent period cookery courses in such areas as hearth cookery, historic chocolate, Native American Foodways and many more fascinating areas. Susan is a regular visitor to Historic Food here in England.

ARTISAN-FOOD.COM - a new online magazine devoted to good food in Cumbria. Devised by Martin and Cecilia Campbell, this excellent website provides a window on to the exciting food culture of this beautiful part of the world.

ANDREW DALBY'S FOOD WORDS - A rapidly growing and useful site on food-related words from one of the leading scholars in this discipline. Andrew Dalby's erudition is remarkable - well worth bookmarking.

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